About Clifford 'Spud' Johnson


Raised in Inglewood, California, Clifford ‘Spud’ Johnson experienced numerous encounters with the California Youth Authority, drugs and mayhem. As he became immersed into the hustle that ultimately became nothing more than quicksand, he was trapped in a system that showed no mercy. During Spud’s over 15-year incarceration writing went from a pastime to an impressive catalogue of urban fiction novels. His ability to incorporate the highs and lows as well as the harsh consequences of urban life allows him to emotionally connect with his readers in ways many authors cannot. He doesn’t just write about urban life he is urban life. 

Ten published books later, Spud continues to strive for excellence by putting his energy and passion into each novel as if it was his first classic novel Kalifornia Luv, published in 2009. In addition to his writing career, Spud understands that he has more to offer the world than just a good book. In turn, his life is an open book that he willingly shares to inspire others about how to push your dream despite your current circumstances. Understanding that knowledge is power, Spud promotes the importance of literacy among young black males to demonstrate that there are other options besides the youth correctional authority with the hope that they will become positive figures within their communities. Because many prisoners could not read Spuds work while in prison, he also promotes literary among adults within the penal system. He understands that to reduce recidivism it starts first with the ability to read a job application. Clifford ‘Spud’ Johnson’s books can be found in America’s largest retail stores such as Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Target and Books-A-Million just to name a few.